Zach Stubenvoll

Your Story of Friendship

Your Story of Friendship


A personalized film showing you, your closest friends and the times you've shared together.

Imagined, designed and built on The Factory


The process


Over 67M personalized films

Each film was uniquely built and was served in Facebook feed.

Live Action & Post Production: Tool of North America

Director: Ben Tricklebank

Producers: Matt Winke, Josh Hamilton, CL Weaver

Color: Company 3

Editorial: Exile Editorial

Editor: Matt Murphy

Music: Squeak E. Clean

The Factory at Facebook

Executive Creative Director: Scott Trattner

VP, Consumer and Brand Marketing: Rebecca Van Dyck

Creative Direction: Cameron Ewing, Larry Corwin

Copy: Jan Jaworski, Chris Ryan

Engineering: Nick Kwiatek, Peter Zich, Frank Yan, Miles Minton, Shu Wu

Social Media Manager: Mary Lynn Buchanan

Executive Producer: Margaret McLaughlin