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Say Thanks

Say Thanks


Facebook's mission to make the world more open and connected manifests in so many ways. On the platform, Facebook can bring people together over moments of shared emotion with digital experiences that are unique to Facebook. Say Thanks was developed to be an altruistic gift to the Facebook community to share gratitude with friends, family and loved ones. The experience was developed over months of concepting, design and engineering a dynamic video engine that shipped millions of videos (3.3M videos per hour) to folks across the world. The end result was a collective experience of dynamically generated, personalized videos that captured the spirit of gratitude and friendship.


Product Experience

Anyone can easily create a film to say thanks to a friend by choosing a friend, choosing a theme, editing and sharing.

Family Film

Friends Film

My Role: Art Direction & Design

Scott Trattner, Executive Creative Director  •  Cameron Ewing, Creative Director

Nate Salciccioli, Film  •  Jerod Wanner, Film  •  Adam Kois, Film

Imagined, designed and built on The Factory

In the press

USA Today   •  Techcrunch   •  Mashable   •  The Verge  •  The Nextweb