Zach Stubenvoll

Say Thanks

Say Thanks is a tool that allows people on Facebook to create custom & personal videos for their friends. There are three video themes to choose from: Old Friends, Friends and Family. Create your own videos at

Say Thanks is a huge team effort engaging many teams across Facebook.

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The Factory at Facebook

Cameron Ewing, Art Direction

Josh Higgins, Art & Music Direction

Scott Trattner, Creative Director

Margaret Mclaughlin, Producer

Liz Gilmore, Design

Chris Ryan, Copywriter

Sid Kandan, Product Manager

Nick Kwiatek, Engineering

Frank Yan, Engineering

Bill Fisher, Engineering

Mukund Salia, Engineering

David Mercurio, Engineering

Nate Salciccioli, Film Direction

Jerod Wanner, Film

Adam Kois, Film

Buck, Film Animation