Zach Stubenvoll

Obama 2012

Obama 2012


Starting in September 2011, I drove from Ohio to Chicago for a once in a life time opportunity spending 14 months working on Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

The 2012 Obama Campaign captured the spirit Obama's Presidency while activating millions of supporters around one consistent theme and brand. In 2012, the country faced a pivotal moment of deciding to move Forward or return to the past. The 2012 Campaign and branding played a foundational role in pushing the country and humanity forward for all by re-electing President Obama. From the typography and color palette to posters and swag, the 2012 campaign embodied a modern, accessible aesthetic that anyone could easily participate in by throwing on a button or rocking a placard at a rally.


Obama 2012 Brand Guide


Forward Identity






My Role: Lead Designer

Josh Higgins, Creative Director  •  Carly Pearlman, Associate Creative Director  

Scout Tufankjian, Photography  •  Christopher Dilts, Photography