Zach Stubenvoll
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Life Events

Life Events


Life Events are more than a moment. They are the building blocks of our identity. Similar to landmarks, they serve as temporal markers that signify our before and after moments of our lives.

Facebook is known for being a place to share and celebrate our biggest moments, but there hasn’t been a product experience that truly captures the emotional weight. The new Life Events experience re-imagines what stories people can tell to celebrate and share their major moments.

The new experience includes a bespoke, new creation flow, novel format, storytelling tools, animated icons, default content, permalinks and integration into profile surfaces.


My Role: Creative Director

Elizabeth Bassett, Copywriter  •  Jansen Yoder, Art Director  •   Sabrina Curry, Motion Design

Jordan Honette, Product Design • Katrinna Whiting, Product Design

Imagined, designed and built on The Factory