Zach Stubenvoll

Friends Campaign

Friends Campaign


As one of the first integrated campaigns Facebook has ever done, we developed the largest celebration of one of the most meaningful parts of our lives: Friends. The goal was to give the world a platform to share all the unique and beautiful friendships that exist, while building more the equity of friendship as a key pillar of Facebook's brand. The end result was an integrated campaign that was user generated through a digital product, then celebrated in the world through film and out of home.


Digital OOH


Friends Sticker Tool

A simple and fun tool experience to share your friendship with the world. The product was live in over 120 countries and generated thousands of unique stories.


In-Feed Fims

Films to developed to inspire Facebook's community to share their friendships.


My Role: Art Direction & Design

Jan Jaworski, Partner  •  Larry Corwin, Creative Director  •  Evan Nagan, Design  •  Robert Padbury, Design

Imagined, designed and built on The Factory