Zach Stubenvoll
After Party F8.jpg

f8 Conference

After a three year wait, f8 returned in 2014. Carrying on the f8 tradition, The Factory (formerly Communication Design Team) was tasked with designing an immersive and interactive conference experience. Myself, Liz Gilmore and many other collaborators were responsible for designing and producing all aspects of the conference—from identity and signage to digital experiences and data visualizations.

The 2014 concept was to focus on the developer community and Facebook working together to build great things. From this, the tag line for the conference emerged: "Let's Build".

There were many developer product announcements including Applinks and Anonymous Login. In conjunction with the product announcements there were interactive demos to experience Oculus Rift and The Garage where developers could get hands on help with Facebook developer tools.

- - - - - -

Elizabeth Gilmore, Designer

Josh Higgins, Art Direction

Maureen O'hara, Producer

Nicol Wilson, Producer

Chris Peck, Producer

Joshua Davis, Designer & Coder

Madrone Studios, Data Visualization

Jeremy Waldorph, Photography