Zach Stubenvoll

A Place for All

A Place for All


After being a company helping people connect for over a decade, Facebook needed to remind their community and everyone that meaningful moments—from the silly to significant—happen on Facebook. A Place for All was created to inspire, elevate and celebrate the meaningful stories, experiences and humanity shared on Facebook. By developing a fully integrated campaign that was completely sourced from the Facebook community, we celebrated all the beautiful and delightful stories of people. In the end, this campaign took over the United Kingdom with a new, energetic art direction and helped remind people of the power of Facebook in their lives.


Out of Home



A series of films developed to inspired and remind people of the power of connection through Facebook products. All content was user generated.



Looping animations built to celebrate and elevate the range of human stories shared on Facebook.


A Place for All Product

A personalized and dynamic experience combining all the ways to connect over the 2016 Rio Olympics, Euro Cup and Pride Week. The product experience extended the campaign by combining all the best tools Facebook could offer to help people get involved and share their story of these meaningful moments. Specifically, the Olympics APFA experience helped lead to the 1.5B interactions during the Olympics.


My Role: Art Direction

Lonnie Lind-Elliott, Partner  •  Evan Nagan, Design  •   Jordan Honnette, Design

Luke Harris, Design  •  Demian Oliveira, Design

Imagined, designed and built on The Factory

In the press

Mashable  •  Techcrunch  •  The Next Web